Committed to providing full support for young people

Our Mission

Connections 2 Independence is committed in providing full support to young people.  Our programmes of support will aid and encourage young people who are struggling with their day to day life. This could be within school, in the community or at home. In addition our programmes will promote a healthy transition towards independent living – at this critical point of the young person’s life.  

Chapter One

C2I Chapter One provides a comprehensive support and care package to young people, who are currently supported by local authorities, schools, parents or carers. 

It has been shown to be common that young people, will have come from a variety of backgrounds including disabilities, family unit breakdowns or crisis situations. We empower young people to develop resilience, essential life skills and empower as much independence as possible despite individuals own challenges.

Within our community, there is a high demand for care and support services that provide comprehensive support packages. This can vary from complex to severe needs for those of all ages. We’ve highlighted this key target market as there is an ever-increasing demand without enough social care providers. C2I Chapter One will provide to the needs of this market. Our services are unique, empowering and intense as we know that those who have support needs are at the most impressionable time of their lives. 


Connections 2 Independence is required because our current social care system demands support packages for young persons aged 16 – 18. Supported living schemes are in short supply within our communities. Many young people don’t have the required support for sustainable housing and family unit breakdowns are increasingly common. 
We provide a comprehensive package of support that is tailored to each young people ages 16 – 18. Most of these will be from the wider care system, many of which have prospects of complete independence but require a supported package in order to achieve this.
Our packages range in length, but all are tailored to the young person’s needs. We aim for all young people to achieve their goal of independent living. We will deal with reintervention into the community as well as teach and develop essential life skills. Our packages also focus on educational needs, work placements and employment in preparation for the transition towards adulthood. 


At Connections 2 Independence we offer a mentoring service for young people who need a break or support around school, education or general day to day living activities. We believe each young person should be given the opportunity to succeed and progress in life to reach their ambitions and goals. We work closely with local schools, foster care agencies and local authorities. To provide a comprehensive support package to identify each individuals needs by providing a program tailored to them.

We aim to support young people around their emotional wellbeing while bettering their resilience and skills set in developing coping mechanisms to control their behaviours and emotions. We support both male and females across Gloucestershire with high – low support needs. 

Connections 2 Independence can provide support from your front door, we include one to one work as well as group and family mentoring services. We work around re engagement, learning programs and transitioning back into mainstream schools. 

Aims & Objectives


To develop and implement each young person with a comprehensive, tailor-made support package that meets their individual requirements. 


To create an environment where full cooperation by all service users occurs.


Assign each young person an individual ‘key’ worker, which will be suited to the young person. 


To accomplish our mission of making their steps, our steps – by ensuring all service users acquire the essential life skills for a successful transition to independent living. 


To ensure each placement is akin to a reasonable comparison to that of independent living for the same peer group. 


Encourage and assist our young persons to develop and establish a dynamic support network with family, friends, and visitors of C2I. 


To provide each young person with the mental resilience for life following placement at C2I. With a focus on aspiration and self-confidence building through our self-support programs.


To provide each young person with experienced and committed staff, who will ensure each young person’s time at C2I is holistic, appropriate, and fulfilling. 

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