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About Connections 2 Independence

Connections 2 Independence provides a comprehensive support and care package to young people, who are currently supported by local authorities, schools, parents or carers

It has shown to be common that young people, will have come from a variety of backgrounds including homelessness, family unit breakdowns or crisis situations. We empower young people to develop resilience, essential skills and move towards independence.

Within our community, there is a high demand for supported living and care and support services that provide comprehensive support packages. This can vary from complex to severe needs for those of all ages. We’ve highlighted this key target market as there is an ever-increasing demand without enough social care providers. Connections 2 Independence will provide to the needs of this market. Our services are unique, empowering and intense as we know that those who have support needs are at the most impressionable time of their lives. 

As an organisation we have a duty of care to each young person who accesses our services. For example, if a young person disclosed that they were pregnant and were unsure of what to do, we’d offer immediate advice and report these changes to the GP, Social worker and sign-post the young person to further organisations. C2I will work as part of multidisciplinary teams to ensure the needs of all young people, accesses the correct support whilst on their personal journey with C2I.

​‘Your steps are our steps’ was created with young people in mind. We understand moving towards independence isn’t easy or challenge free. We understand that young people will need to take steps in order to progress, we also understand that those steps will become our steps. We have an ethos that anyone can be anything as long as they are willing to put in hard work.


Connections 2 Independence is directed by Keaton Pearce, Paige Stokes and Lisa Royles. Keaton, Paige and Lisa have an extensive knowledge and experience in the care and support sector and qualifications such as NVQ Level 3, Crisis Management, Challenging Behaviour, Understanding Of Mental Wellness, Basic Level Of First Aid and Level 2 Diploma in HR. Their drive and determination has created Connections 2 Independence to keep on giving to the wider community and support vulnerable young people in and around Gloucestershire.

Meet Our Directors

Keaton Pearce

Keaton Pearce

Managing Director

Keaton is a highly confident, empathetic and enthusiastic young man, He owns a vast skill set which has been learnt, developed and demonstrated over time. This skill set includes creativity, critical thinking, logic and reasoning, decision-making, interpersonal communication and an ability to teach and mentor. He has gained many years experience in dealing with adults and children with severe or complex needs.

Most noticeably Keaton has secured private contracted work for 1:1 complex personal care. Alongside personal care, Keaton has gained in-depth knowledge of social housing for young care leavers that have complex needs. Keaton has gained knowledge around different legislation and has been a critical part of the delivery of social prescribing for Gloucestershire.

During more recent times, Keaton explored the social care sector and has spent a period with Gloucester Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS) to better understand the needs of victims of domestic abuse. The role focused on young people, which seen Keaton support them in evidence giving and allowing them to gain the correct help. Due to these types of work and his passion for better social care for all, Keaton wishes to gain further training and knowledge of other key aspects of social care. 

Paige Stokes

Paige Stokes

Managing Director

Paige has worked within the social care sector for the many years, she has an extreme wide range of experience within many different areas of support. Paige has an extensive amount of training and qualifications around substance misuse, mental health, safeguarding, equality and diversity and housing support. Paige has supported many young people to overcome barriers and work through difficult situations within their lives. Paige has developed and demonstrated positive and professional working relationships with commissioners, social workers and our local safeguarding team. Paige has knowledge within homelessness, emotional support, supporting young people with additional and complex care as well as individuals with disabilities. Paige has spent many years working with young people aged 10 years + as a mentor, Paige gained positive relationships with all young people which helped them develop a strong and positive sense of identity and learn to recognise and manage their feelings, as young people develop their social and emotional skills this was shown through positive reengagement into schools and goals being achieved and shown through personal journeys, Paige also helped young people gain certificates in ASDAN programmes which was completed during sessions.
During more recent times, Paige explored the social care sector and has spent a period with a couple who live in the community who have additional support needs. She has offered emotional wellbeing, budgeting, management and personal assistants to these individuals to allow them to live and explore the great quality of life. Paige has enabled them to gather a team of self employed personal assistants who have now grown to become apart of the family. Paige has enabled them to attend day trips, holidays, theatre trips and transport to visit their families out of county. Paige has grown to become united with this couple and her only intention is for them to live a healthy, semi independent and stress free life. Due to these types of work and her passion for better social care for all, Paige wishes to gain further training and knowledge of other key aspects of social care. 

Lisa Royles

Lisa Royles

Managing Director

Lisa has been a lead professional ​by offering a positive impact on young people’s life when becoming a foster Carer 6 years ago. 

Previous to this Lisa has worked in the care and support setting providing intense support to children and adults with complex needs. She has also worked within the supported living sector with individuals needing support around mental health and substance misuse. 

Lisa had created a positive connection to social workers, respite carers, families and children by offering support at all times to meet the needs of the young person. Lisa has ensured to keep a reputation like no other to allow organisations to identify her as a lead carer and a go to person. 
Lisa has provided a home from a home setting to make the transition realistic and allow each young person to settle into placement. Lisa has an extensive amount of training and qualifications, Lisa has supported many individuals to overcome barriers and work through difficult situations within their lives.
​Lisa wishes to gain further training and knowledge of other key aspects of social care.

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