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Chapter One Day Centre In Gloucester

C2I Chapter One provides a comprehensive support and care package to young people, who are currently supported by local authorities, schools, parents or carers. 

It has shown to be common that young people, will have come from a variety of backgrounds including disabilities, family unit breakdowns or crisis situations. We empower young people to develop resilience, essential life skills and empower as much independence as possible despite individuals own challenges.

Within our community, there is a high demand for care and support services that provide comprehensive support packages. This can vary from complex to severe needs for those of all ages. We’ve highlighted this key target market as there is an ever-increasing demand without enough social care providers. C2I Chapter One will provide to the needs of this market. Our services are unique, empowering and intense as we know that those who have support needs are at the most impressionable time of their lives. 

Our aim and objectives are to provide a registered day centre for SEN (special education needs) young people providing short term breaks for their families and carers. The centre will offer short-term breaks for young people with a wide range of needs which include physical and learning difficulties. We will provide qualified staff to support for the young people that require 1:1 care and also young people with less complex needs. Training and Qualifications required from staff are listed below in our Training Matrix. Our team of staff will ensure that our young people are looked after with guidance and safety in mind as well as learning through play and activities best suited to the children attending with a person centred approach. Our aim is to match staff to children for the best relationship possible.

Creating a home from home experience for our young people.

  • The centre will be an early help short breaks centre for young people aged 5-18 years of age providing targeted, effective help and support for vulnerable children and their families.
  • Bringing together services that strengthens families by providing much needed support for young people with complex needs and disabilities
  • We aim to engage young people in positive activities, positive behaviours, and an all-round positive experience.
  • The centre will be run with the aim to provide services that families require. If families need evening support, or time to carry out every day activities that seem difficult with a young person, the purpose of the centre is to alleviate some of those worries giving families and carers freedoms taken for granted.

Chapter One Aims & Objectives

To ensure all young people are treated equal despite their disabilities.

Tailor their learning activities to their individual needs 

Help young people navigate their emotions and disabilities 

Improve their quality of life, and worth in the community 

Develop their sensory and physical; needs through life skills, learned play, social interaction  

To guide and support on their journey through life.

To be an inclusive, tolerant centre providing the best care possible for all ranges of disabilities 

To develop and implement each young person with a comprehensive, tailor-made support package which meets their individual requirements.

Assign each young person an individual ‘key’ worker; which will be suited to the young person.

Encourage and assist our young person’s to develop and establish a dynamic support network with family, friends and visitors of Chapter One.

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