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Connections 2 Independence provides supported accommodation to 16 – 18-year olds who are transitioning from care. As an organisation we provide safe and secure accommodation to meet the needs of each individual who accesses our service. We offer tailored support programmes that are agreed between us and lead professionals. A primary part of our service is tailored support for those aged 16 – 18 years of age. Our programs include 16 hours of stipulated support which will include budgeting, cooking, cleaning, education, employment and essential living skills. We support individuals to access public services in preparation for them to successfully live independently post 18. C2I will operate 24 hours per day to accommodate all support packages provided. 

Our service requires us to be flexible at all times to meet the changing needs of young people who access our service. Each support package will be developed with the young person in mind alongside the lead professional often an appointed social worker. Different levels of support will be required, often many users will require extra support, but we’d also accommodate those who are near to transitioning to complete independent living post 18.

If a crisis were to arise with C2I between young people we would require changing our service, meaning re-referrals or even a managed move to a more appropriate service long or short term. These types of situations might well require staffing measures to increase for example waking staff or even increased staff under around the clock. We will always work from basic contingency plans but adapt and adhoc when and where required to ensure the safety of all young people and staff. 

We ensure that we take timely reviews for each young person, when we first work with our young person we aim to set realistic and timed aims with them, during reviews we will look to talk about how we will go onto achieve these personal aims. C2I prides itself on our slogan ‘Your steps, are our steps’ as we have the belief that our accommodation should feel like a home away from home, we are more than a business we are a family.

Connections 2 Independence will be located within Gloucester, within an active housing estate to provide an insight into independent living, this will allow interaction within the local area and provide social skill development. We understand the need for transport links in and around the city, as well as local educational facilities. We will look to locate near a GP practice, supermarkets and community facilities such as a library, community centre and sports facilities.   

We are mindful of what C2I must look and feel like, firstly it must be warm and relaxed to enable each young person to flourish within their own and shared environment. We are also conscious that it must still carry an element of authority, which is a fine balance. As we grow forward, we hope to expand C2I into several accommodation spots throughout the three counties. We would look to ensure that we cater to the local area at all times and ensure all standard facilities are available.

Connections 2 Independence provides accommodation, tailored support and around the clock staff support. We as a business aim to provide a premium service which is fit for purpose and ensures that no young person is denied of opportunity. 


Accommodation covers rent, utilities including council tax, water, gas, electric, tv licence and broadband as well as inventories and repairs. Our inventories include a single bed, mattress, pillow, duvet, bedding, wardrobe, hangers, mirror, bath towels, flannel, bedside table, lamp, curtains and a communal television as well as our washer/dryer, hob and over service costs. 

Support Hours

We offer stipulated support will include elements of 1:1 support and group sessions to access our support programs. C2I will include a variety of budgeting tasks in the young person’s support plans which include supported shops with the young person ensuring they can budget their personal allowance to purchase appropriate foods, health and hygiene products and any other essentials. 
We will run group sessions to develop social relationships amongst young people, these will include cooking workshops, budgeting, group shops, sexual health workshops and other activities. 

When running workshops, we as an organisation will provide equipment and resources in order to encourage positive participation from each individual. We will complete weekly inspections of rooms to ensure basic hygiene requirements are being met. We will aim to ensure the accommodation feels like there’s and will set tasks for each young person for example cleaning of the bathroom or communal lounge. If a young person fails to meet the basic expectations repeatedly this will be implemented on their support plans to understand why and how this can be addressed.

Those aged 16 – 18 are required to be in compulsory education or training until age 18. Not every young person will take the typical academic route, many will go onto a training provider or employment where there is a compulsory element of learning. It’s important that our business is local to training providers, educational providers and in an area with good transport links so that if employment is chosen, they can get to and from the place of work. We as an organisation will look to support our young people into getting the best from further education and will work closely alongside training providers in and around Gloucestershire. Our package  is currently decided on 16 hours of support; however, we are aware needs fluctuate between young people and therefore we will ensure our package for support to change to the requirements in line with the lead professional of the young person. 

Around The Clock Staff Support

Our support workers hold a minimum of a level 3 NVQ in health and social care and have the most up to date training. This will ensure that our young people aged 16 – 18 are in the appropriate hands to ensure the moving to independent living post 18 is achieved with its full potential. Our staff will also sleep within our accommodation 7 nights a week, to ensure that our young people are safe and have immediate support should they need it. We will also have an an on-call manager to ensure there is always appropriate support available to young people during unsociable hours. Managers will be competently trained in crisis management, challenging behaviour, understanding of mental wellness and have a basic level of first aid. 


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