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Connections 2 Independence offer a mentoring service for children and young people who may be finding their day to day life challenging due to their education setting, the community or family dynamics within their households. Connections 2 Independence provide affordable, competitive and tailored support programmes to meet and achieve each young persons goals and aspirations. We ensure that all networks involved in the young persons life are connecting together to produce a comprehensive programme to achieve the young persons full potential and preventing any cross overs or duplication of support provided. 

We ensure we stick to our promise and provide the support areas identified. We want the young people to be the lead within their support and be able to identify what immediate support they need in the most crucial point of their life. Its vital that the young persons profile matches to the right mentor as we believe ‘your steps, are our steps’ which in order to follow our slogan, we have the belief that our young people should feel like they have built a positive and repealing relationship with their mentor so they can achieve their aspirations. 

Our main focus is the voice of the young person with this being the base of the service we provide. Our mentors will guide the young person with the aim of building a trusting and empowering relationship. By understanding the young person it will allow the support programmes to be personal and beneficial to each individual.  No matter what challenge the young person presents, we believe that we are able to help make a difference with an intensive and personalised approach.

We have a skilled team of mentors who demonstrate positive, understanding and safe relationships with the young people we work with. Creating a support network that the young person will engage and working closely with. A role model is an essential requirement to young people which is a key skill each mentor can provide to young people. We believe this helps to give our young people the security, confidence and skills to achieve in areas that they had not believed themselves capable of.

Through one-to-one mentoring relationships, we create a tailored support package and development plan for each young person. Key contacts of the young person are given regular detailed reports, highlighting the young persons aims, goals, developed challenged and support programme. We provide a flexible service meaning we are available at the time of the young person, we understand that it takes time to develop positive relationships with young people and in order to develop this we need to be their for them during the most difficult times and could be unsociable hours. We need to also ensure we are attending any Team Around The School or Team Around The Family Meetings to feedback on the support being provided. 

Each mentor come from a care and support background and have the young persons best interest at heart. We want to inspire young people and develop positive energy between them and their mentors. We need to ensure we have consistent mentoring with trust-worthy mentors to allow young people to build secure relationships, develop trust, confidence and the ability to talk about their ambitions and worries. We work with some of the most vulnerable young people in and around Gloucestershire which by providing a safe environment will make it more relaxing and approachable for each young person to be themselves.  

To push our young people to meet their goals and targets we use ASDAN short courses. ASDAN Short Courses are flexible, portfolio-based programmes designed to accredit up to 60 hours of activity and skills development across a range of topics and curriculum areas. 

​Costs and Payments

Costs for services vary depending on the individual and the level of support required.
Hourly rates depend on the support needed and location, if you receive funding from your Local Authority, Connections 2 Independence can liaise with your lead professional to discuss costs and payments.

Connections 2 Independence invoice for services at the end of each month.
We accept payments from many sources and these can include:

Local Authorities Payment (Direct Payment)

Payments from Solicitors

Payments from Schools / Organisations

Personal Funding 
Payments are preferred through BACS transfer, cheque or cash.

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