Committed to providing full support for young people

Cannot recommend Paige highly enough – she is professional and extremely capable of caring for the most challenging and complex vulnerable children & adults .. I trust her 100% and my daughter adores her.

Teresa Evans

​Paige has been my PA for about four years now, there are very few PAs that I think of as family but to me Paige IS FAMILY!! She’s amazing!

Scott Peacock

A listening ear for carer, as well as all the support needed for the individual their caring for. People who truly understand and care couldn’t want anyone else to look after your loved ones.

Dorrett Samuels

​​I highly recommend PS Care, great people, providing high standards of care.

Caroline Howells

​Paige has been part of my daughters life for a number of years and I can’t thank her enough for all her care , support and encouragement ! We live in Lincolnshire and so it’s fantastic to have such a wonderful person to be Katie’s PA …. such huge happiness that Katie has someone so trustworthy, patient, funny and incredibly kind !! She even drives Katie up to our house and stays over with her …… I couldn’t wish for anyone lovelier

Tania Altoft

​​I’ve known Paige for many years as a friend and also as a carer. She has looked after my little boy, who loves her! She is a very kind and caring person who I would highly recommend.

Teresa Gilroy

Paige and her team deliver a personal care service like no other, It’s vital for parents to feel that who is caring has a general caring feeling towards our children and young people and Paige and her team 100% deliver this, having the trust to leave our children in your care is something that doesn’t come easy or doesn’t come everywhere, you are such a devoted person Paige . Well done.

Amanda O'Donoghue

Paige and her team have looked after my little sister for years, and I couldn’t recommend them more highly. They are all fantastic and provide the absolute best care for every individual they take under their wing—dont know what we’d do without them!

Lucy Evans

Both myself and my husband have been working with Paige as one of our lead PAs for a number of years now. She has an impeccably wise head on young shoulders. For myself particularly taking a lead in my care is essential not only to my physical but my mental health and well-being. Paige’s outgoing positive approach empathetic ear and impeccably strong communication skills means that she enables/supports me to reach my full potential! In every aspect of day-to-day Living.

Paige has grown up caring /supporting others and as a result has intuitively adopted a person centred approach that recognises and celebrates the people she works alongside as individuals each with their personalised requirements.
Another of Paige’s strongest attributes is her ability to adapt appropriately to a wide range of settings and occasions subtly and officially providing the necessary support I require to pursue my career in community development by accompanying me to attend and participate in work meetings, presentations and conferences. But all work and no play is no fun!

Paige also supports and encourages my active social life to flourish and grow, driving/supporting me to take part in family gatherings Trips to the theatre and concerts, parties and charity balls to mention just a few of the opportunities that pages support has enabled me to take full advantage of…

In summary Paige will be a tremendous asset to any families/individuals seeking care and support.

Katie Peacock

​C2I is a reliable SL provider with an obvious passion for supporting post 16s with a stable environment to help nurture them into adulthood. When commissioning placements with C2I, open and consistent communication, flexibility and empathy for each young person’s specific circumstances/needs seems to always be priority, which is crucial to ensure placements are sustained and the young people are comfortable and thrive.

Commissioning Officer

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